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csiny_stills's Journal

A CSI: New York icontest community
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(Note-For rules, I will be using the general rules across all still communitys.)

Every week there will be a new challenge set. Each challenge will consist of three sections. 1.) Screencaps, 2.) Icon

stills, and the last is a random challenge. We have to keep it spiced up just a little I think.

-- No stealing icons, it's rude.
-- Since the group is called 'stills' the icons are not to be animated.
-- All icons are to be made LJ worthy, 100x100 max and under 40k.
-- When it comes to voting, feel free, just not for your own icons.
-- Do not post the icons made for these challenges until the winners are announced.

Within the challenge post you will comment there for me to get a hold of your icons. Just be sure to tell me which icon they

are for and give the url for the post. Photobucket.com is a good host for icons.

There will be a voting post a day or two after the deadline. You can pick one for each place, 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

greg_stillness .. menofcsi_stills